Travelability Insider: Accessible Travel Companion Service Launched for Travelers with Dementia

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GOMO Travel (Go Or Miss Out, get it?)is a Florida-based company that provides trained travel companions, many of whom are active or retired nurses, for seniors who need to travel for medical care, family commitments, or simply a leisure trip. Founded by Kerri Johnson in 2019, the company’s early success was fueled by a special relationship with the Mayo Clinic, which continued to have elderly and disabled patients traveling for treatments during the pandemic. GOMO Travel’s companions ensured patients from around the country made it to their appointments safely.

The company also provides a service to assist parents and their unaccompanied minors. Costs for the company’s services vary, depending on factors like the distance traveled, prices of airline flights and hotel stays, and the amount of time a travel companion is needed.

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