GOMO Travel Companions

At GOMO, we take pride in making traveling a reality for people from all walks of life who find traveling difficult or inaccessible It’s our job to ensure that every traveler has a safe and stress-free experience, giving you or your loved ones security and peace of mind. GOMO Travel Companions put the comfort of our travelers first and provide a helping hand however and whenever one is needed.

Find out how traveling with GOMO can help you overcome your travel challenges.

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GOMO Gets You There

No one deserves to miss out on life just because travel is challenging. Here are just some of the occasions where GOMO can lend a helping hand.

Family Gatherings

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There’s no reason anyone should miss the next family reunion or their grandchild's graduation. We’ll make sure you or your loved one arrives comfortably and safely and, if you need us to, we’ll even stick around to help out throughout the trip.

Medical Travel

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Need help traveling for specialized medical treatment? Whether you just need a helping hand or desire experienced medical assistance, GOMO Travel Companions offer compassionate care when you need it most.

Bucket List Vacation

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Don’t let the challenges of travel prevent you from seeing the world! Go places and do things you never thought possible. Experience the freedom to travel anywhere you want with the helping hand of a GOMO Travel Companion.

Relocation Assistance

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When it’s time to move in with relatives or an assisted living facility, GOMO can help make the transition easier by providing the necessary travel assistance. Rest easy knowing that a compassionate Travel Companion has your back.
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& Benefits

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GOMO Travel Companions do more than just pick you up and carry your bags. They provide compassionate companionship to help ease the burden of travel and make you feel safe and comfortable throughout your trip.

Travel Assistance

All of our companions are experienced travelers with the knowledge and training to ensure your experience is comfortable and stress-free. There are no challenges we aren’t prepared to face and no situation we can’t handle.


When you travel with GOMO, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll make all the necessary arrangements and provide you all the details. When it’s time to travel, we’ll pick you up and get you exactly where you need to go.


Mobility issues are by far the most common travel challenge and GOMO Travel Companions are trained and experienced in overcoming them. We will take care of all the baggage handling, arrange for wheelchairs if needed and get you through security with ease.