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SBB Live: Getting to Know Kerri Johnson & GOMO Travel

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Check out this episode of #SBBLive featuring Kerri Johnson. Kerri is from Minnesota and has been a nurse for 31 years. Her “why” is very unique and has a lot to do with how she met her biological father. As an avid world-traveler who had spent decades learning the logistics of travel, Kerri sought a way to combine her wanderlust with her passion for helping people in need so she started her own business where she assists her clients with their travel needs. A Travel Companion is an extra hand when you need it most. For many people of all ages, long-distance travel seems impossible, but not anymore. Whether you or someone you care about has mobility issues, suffers from anxiety, requires medical assistance, or just doesn’t like traveling alone, our travel companions for hire make traveling anywhere you want to go a reality again! To connect with Kerri, call 904-395-7500

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